Sep 2 2004

Lyxx – It Only Rains

Lyxx – It Only Rains by Mantis Pirate

“It Only Rains is the sad tale of what happened to so many hair metal rockers when the grunge scene took over.”

This tragedy-parody was directed by Zach Pergament in 2004. Written by Zach and Jay Tartaglia, the song features Jay Tartaglia on vocals and guitar, Pat Wescott on guitar shredding and bass, myself on drums with many other friends in the video and behind the scenes…

The song was written and recorded acoustically. Drum tracks were then recorded and added to that song while several states away the guitar solos and bass lines were recorded all to come back later and be assembled into the final song.

Aug 10 2004

(Hard to be Metal When You’ve) Got No Pain

Recorded August 10, 2004 – Jay Caddle (Vocals) Adrian Rosario (Guitar), Lee Eschliman (Drums).

Got No Pain


Jul 2 2004


Scotchberg: Live at The Fire, Philadelphia. July 2, 2004.

Jay Caddle – vocals and guitar, Adrian Rosario – guitar and backup vocals and myself, drums.




Jun 30 2004


This 30 second spot was for National Paintball Supply. Working there at the time with good friend, Adrian Rosario, we collaborated on the audio as Simpson (Adrian-Guitar and Myself-Drums) and recorded at the Mojunk Studio in Philadelphia. The video was cut, edited and produced by AGR. It also showcases some logo and apparel designs by LEIAD.

Feb 1 2004


Often referred to as the “Promodemo”, Scotchberg‘s first recording effort took place between 2003 and 2004 at First World Studios in Newark, DE and the Mojunk Underground Lab in Philadelphia, PA. Featuring original members: Jay Caddle (Vocals, Guitar, Bass Guitar), Adrian Rosario (Guitar) and Lee Eschliman (Drums).