Oct 19 2013

R0bR0y: The Life and Times of Lieutenant Dawg Dixon

Recorded October 19, 2013. Jay Caddle (Guitar, Vocals, Keyboards), Josh Kodroff (Bass), Adrian Rosario (Guitar), Myself (Drums).

Jun 22 2013


Recorded June 22, 2013. Jay Caddle (Production, Bass, Vocals, Keyboards), Michael Miller (Guitar), Adrian Rosario (Guitar), Myself (Drums). Cover artwork by Sean Martorana: seanmartorana.com


Apr 13 2013

R0bR0y – R0yB3rg

Improvised and recorded on April 13, 2013. Josh Kodroff (Bass), Jay Caddle (Hot Sloppy Mess), Myself (Drums).

Mar 9 2013

Scotchberg in Lancaster, PA

Scotchberg lives! Reuniting after six years… Scotchberg performing March 9, 2013 at American Bar & Grill in Lancaster, PA. An EDB Production. Video by Pete Radocaj.

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