Jul 12 2010

Karma Canon – Nightcap Selection Collection Volume 1 (2002-3)

Like fine wine aging in barrels hidden away in underground caves out in Napa Valley, California, the archived recordings of Karma Canon exist online, on hard drives and some even on tape. Thus far, eight years of improvisational sessions beginning in 2002 have been documented by Jay Caddle among many of his projects. This collection assembled in 2010 represents some personal favorites from the early days. The original unveiling of these sessions can be seen on freakoftheweek.com.

This Karma Canon Collection is my personal selection with 11 of my favorite, stand-out tracks from sessions taking place in 2002 and 2003 when Jay’s studio was located in the Astracade, Philadelphia on Ridge Avenue. More tracks from these sessions can be found at karmacanon.com or freakoftheweek.com. Excellent background music for plugging in, zoning out and/or working away. Jay Caddle (bass, keys), Adrian Rosario (guitar), Michael Miller (guitar), Peter Schroeck (guitar) and Myself (drums).

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A Song (03:53) from Karma Canon 1

A Song

Beginning of Q2 (20:04) from April Fools’ Gold

Beginning of Q2

Lamb (19:53) from Karma Canon 3:15


Janitors’ Night Out (04:20) from Karma Canon 10:29

Janitors’ Night Out

So Happy Without You (17:54) from Karma Canon 1

So Happy Without You

Checkout Girl (03:38) from Karma Canon 1

Checkout Girl

Sneaky Smokey (12:41)

Sneaky Smokey

It Seemed Like A Fine Idea At The Time (22:25) from Karma Canon 3:18

It Seemed Like A Fine Idea At The Time

Slay The Demon (13:58) from Karma Canon 11:19

Slay The Demon

Death and Taxes (26:46)

Death and Taxes

Drowning in a Car on Fire (28:49)

Drowning in a Car on Fire

Jul 7 2010

7/10 Split

Recorded on July 10, 2010 – Jay Caddle (Vocals, Bass, Keyboards), Lee Eschliman (Drums), Adrian Rosario (Guitar), Michael Miller (Guitar). Original post.

Matronly Arms (05:51)

Matronly Arms

High Time (10:42)

High Time

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