Oct 19 2013

R0bR0y: The Life and Times of Lieutenant Dawg Dixon

Recorded October 19, 2013. Jay Caddle (Guitar, Vocals, Keyboards), Josh Kodroff (Bass), Adrian Rosario (Guitar), Myself (Drums).

Mar 9 2013

Scotchberg in Lancaster, PA

Scotchberg lives! Reuniting after six years… Scotchberg performing March 9, 2013 at American Bar & Grill in Lancaster, PA. An EDB Production. Video by Pete Radocaj.

Citizen Caddle’s Vimeo Channel

Aug 10 2004

(Hard to be Metal When You’ve) Got No Pain

Recorded August 10, 2004 – Jay Caddle (Vocals) Adrian Rosario (Guitar), Lee Eschliman (Drums).

Got No Pain


Jul 2 2004


Scotchberg: Live at The Fire, Philadelphia. July 2, 2004.

Jay Caddle – vocals and guitar, Adrian Rosario – guitar and backup vocals and myself, drums.




Feb 1 2004


Often referred to as the “Promodemo”, Scotchberg‘s first recording effort took place between 2003 and 2004 at First World Studios in Newark, DE and the Mojunk Underground Lab in Philadelphia, PA. Featuring original members: Jay Caddle (Vocals, Guitar, Bass Guitar), Adrian Rosario (Guitar) and Lee Eschliman (Drums).