Aug 12 2009

2 Months 2 Live

Raw youth metal jam session…

2 Months 2 Live

Jam at the Birdhouse (08:23)

Jam at the Birdhouse

This goes back 1996 and was recorded on a boom box in the basement. The jam features good friend Mantis Pirate on guitar and myself on drums. This is long before I ever knew about the internet let alone knowing I would have a blog where one day I would archive this.

Sep 2 2004

Lyxx – It Only Rains

Lyxx – It Only Rains by Mantis Pirate

“It Only Rains is the sad tale of what happened to so many hair metal rockers when the grunge scene took over.”

This tragedy-parody was directed by Zach Pergament in 2004. Written by Zach and Jay Tartaglia, the song features Jay Tartaglia on vocals and guitar, Pat Wescott on guitar shredding and bass, myself on drums with many other friends in the video and behind the scenes…

The song was written and recorded acoustically. Drum tracks were then recorded and added to that song while several states away the guitar solos and bass lines were recorded all to come back later and be assembled into the final song.