Karma Canon

Karma Canon’s music is recorded live at Jay Caddle’s home studio and is all improvisational (with one exception to date). All mixdowns by Jay Caddle and the original posts of these recordings can all be found on freakoftheweek.com. The album artwork is assembled for each session by Jay as well.



Karma Canon 1

These tracks are the first-ever-posted-online Karma Canon recordings from sometime late in 2002 and 2003 on MoJunk Productions. This group contains the only pre-arranged/organized/loosely written material ingeniously titled, “A Song“.

Karma Canon 2002

Checkout Girl (03:38)

KC1-01 Checkout Girl

A Song (03:53)

KC1-02 A Song

Sworld (07:56)

KC1-03 Sworld

Slow Han Kyook (07:05)

KC1-04 Slow Han Kyook

So Happy Without You (17:54)

KC1-05 So Happy Without You

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