Al Frisby

Al Frisby – Hammer the D

I had the honor and pleasure of playing with comedian/musician Al Frisby and his band while out in Santa Cruz, CA. This video is from a performance at the Kuumbwa Jazz Center in Santa Cruz, CA in 1997 or 98(?) I’m in the gorilla mask playing drums and credited as “Lee Krautheim Drums” in the videos from this day. Incredible surprise to find them online! Check out more songs from that night like Trustafarians and Bad Soy Milk or visit Al’s YouTube Channel for even more.

“Live from the Kuumbwa Jazz Center Santa Cruz CA…. Al Frisby Guitar, Daren Davison on Violin, Ben Cole Accordian, John Hawes Guitar, Scott Copper Bass, Reggy Banjo, and Lee Krautheim Drums.”

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